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Q: Why is proJSON no longer free?

Answer: proJSON was only free in the version 1.0 & 1.1. Later versions are priced in accordance with business needs, which in general will mean higher prices for more features.

Q: Can I submit a feature request or bug report?

Answer: Yes, please do. Use the email address preferably with ‘proJSON’ in the title.

Q: Which features can be expected in the near future?

Answer: For legal reasons we cannot promise anything. However we want to create the best possible JSON platform out there and have a long roadmap with many features planned.

The next version may be able to download JSON files from external sources.

Q: When will the next version be released?

Answer: We cannot give a timeline for the next feature release.

Fixes for high priority bugs will be released asap after the bug report. Lower priority bugs will be collected into a single bugfix release.

Q: Will proJSON send any data to Balancingrock or another party?

Answer: No. We strongly believe in privacy and will not send any data to Balancingrock or other parties.