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proJSON v1.0 is a full spectrum JSON editor that is intended to grow into a suite of JSON tools.

It supports the entire JSON specification as well as JSON fragments and multiple top level JSON objects (or fragments) in a single file.

It goes a step beyond ordinary JSON editors by associating a format specification with the JSON files that allow the choice of specific font types and/or colors for specific JSON items.


  • Supports the JSON specification as defined in ECMA-404 (See
    • Duplicate object naming
    • Mixed types in an array
    • Fully reversible decoding/encoding (i.e. when reading and writing a JSON file the contents is not changed)
  • Hierarchical font and color specification (kept in an associated file)
  • Outline and free-flow editing
  • JSON fragments
  • Multiple JSON top level objects (or fragments) per file

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